After 18 years in the banking industry, it makes me feel guilty whenever I have to convince myself that what I am recommending is the best among all banks. I have to remind myself that I am given a salary and therefore, i have to hit my KPI in order to continue working in the bank and to receive my monthly income.

When Covid started in late 2019, things went from bad to worse. We got more aggressive when it came to closing a client since we still had goals to meet. This was despite the fact that I understand many clients are hesitant to spend money unless it is really necessary owing to the economy’s volatility. But I must press on for the sake of keeping my job especially during this uncertain period where companies are laying off people to save cost. I held on for another half a year or so. That’s when I lost it. I resigned.

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I’ll be without a basic paycheck for a few months. And I was terrified. I began logging into my bank account so frequently compared to the past when I merely checked it during payday. I see how my bank account shrinks since I still have bills to pay. Monthly instalments, such as the Facial Package, have left me wondering why I went for such an expensive Facial treatment when it didn’t even turn me into a “Ms Singapore” when I went for the facial in a discipline schedules arranged by my Beauty Consultant.

In the same year I resigned from the bank, an incredibly close friend of mine died of pancreatic cancer. During his funeral, I was struck by how brief life can be. My acquaintance is in his early fifties. He’s a pastry chef, by the way. He has a dream of opening his own pastry shop and told me a few weeks ago that he finally came out with a perfect recipe for “Chwee Kueh”. He told me days before he was admitted to the hospital where he died, that he simply wanted a little more time so that he can open up a shop, stabilise the shop and transfer it to his wife so that she can mend the shop and earn some income for her living. They don’t have any children, so this small shop will be able to keep his wife occupied once he passes away. However, all this will never happen because time is not on his side.

After his death, I took some time to reflect on my life up to that point. I consider which time of my career has brought me the most joy. I’ve realised that doing mortgages is still my passion. When I was a Mortgage Specialist in the initial years with the bank, although there are many calculations to learn and regulatory guidelines to remember, I was extremely happy to go to work everyday. I looked forward to every discussions with the clients and every show flat that I am being assigned to go to, even if it’s during weekends. This time, I was adamant that I need to do what I like and based on unbiased opinion of mine. I want something that allows me to spend quality time with my family and my loved ones. I don’t want to live a life where I’m worried out about KPIs just because I’m paid a wage, and I don’t want to have to convince myself in order to persuade clients to buy the products I’m recommending. This is how Dream Home Loan Brokerage Pte Ltd came to be the way it is now.

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Dream Home Loan is a Mortgage Broker firm that partners with 16 Banks and a few Private Funding Companies who offer Home Loans and Commercial Loans to customers. The current team consists primarily of ex-bankers who are passionate about assisting consumers in obtaining the best deal possible without having to go from bank to bank to gather the information they require. We keep things as simple as possible for our customers, understanding that taking out a loan for a major asset can be stressful. Singapore’s policies change from time to time, and not everyone is aware of the most recent revisions. That’s why we’re here to make the processing procedure enjoyable and stress-free.

We welcome anyone to join our humble team as long as you are align with our company mission. It’s not about how much money you make, it’s how we can help you to save!

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